Given to God…

The spiritual life of the Daughters of Charity is built on their relationship with God. This relationship is nurtured through the liturgy, community prayer and personal prayer integrated into the Sisters’ daily life.

For the Daughters of Charity, their relationship with God overflows into service for those who are in need.


In Community…

The Daughters of Charity support each other by living together in community in order to better fulfill their mission of service. Witnessing to the joy of living together, they strive to be welcoming and hospitable.

While members of the community come from different backgrounds, all share a common call: helping those in need and deepening their relationship with God.

For the Service of the Poor…

The Daughters of Charity seek to serve God in persons who are poor, a service performed in imitation of Jesus Christ. They minister in myriad ways. Through work in places such as health centers, schools, parishes and social agencies, they collaborate with others to provide support and opportunities to the most vulnerable.

Am I being called?

God calls different people in different ways for different ministries. God speaks to us and guides us through scripture, prayer, nature, as well as through the people and events of our lives.

The process for knowing, determining, if God is calling is referred to as discernment. This process takes prayer, spiritual guidance and time. You are encouraged to take the time also to know your likes and dislikes, hopes and dreams, interests, abilities and limitations.

It is important to remember that God’s goal for us is the same as ours, our happiness.

Steps in becoming a Daughter of Charity.