Helping others is a key to your Success

Success is not only when you are satisfied with your life. It’s also not a real one when you have a fantastic career or when you have a big empire. Happiness is very important too and that feeling comes from inside when you are satisfied with yourself.
Helping others in society will develop inner happiness in yourself and then God will help you and he will give you more than you have before.
We’re fairly certain you’ve accomplished nothing in your life and we only say that Elon Musk’s life and it talked about the inventor of the Tesla car and SpaceX and he’s also involved in the Hyperloop. When we see how busy he is, we realize we don’t do anything and when we see what he’s accomplished.

There’s probably nothing that you could do that could influence the world as great people did and to be honest you’re a little jealous because you never dreamed as a kind of just being kind of average. You dreamed of changing the world, you wanted to be a real astronaut, a real NBA player. But that window starts to close and you know that this is not something. You’re going to do and you know what you don’t know if the world would ever notice. You don’t think the world stops to notice anyway. But these kinds of things changes our perspective. When you’re telling yourself this story that you’re never going to accomplish anything. That leads into a path of saying I’m not going to try anything and no one cares about what I do that it’s something different.

Help others in Society, God will help you.


Purpose of your Life

Every person has a purpose in his life and when someone is unaware of his life purpose he could not be successful in any area of his life. That’s why the people that we know are most generous. They are not generous because they have money but because they have a good heart.
God put you together very uniquely so that you can have an influence not necessarily in the whole world. But at least on one person, mother Teresa says it this way. “If you can’t feed a hundred people just feed one.”

No one is more uniquely positioned to love your spouse than you. No one is more uniquely positioned to love your kids than you. No one is more uniquely positioned to love your neighbour or your parents or your co-workers than you. You could probably do something significant and the world may notice but we don’t think they’re going to stop to notice. But to reach into one life to reach into one life and tell them the story not a story of despair and frustration and anger and unacceptance. Instead, we have a story of Jesus who came and brought forgiveness. We have a story of Jesus who brings acceptance and we have a story of Jesus that says you have value in yourself. You tell that story and that’s a story that changes a life that sticks with someone and they’ll never ever forget.


All in all, we can say that helping others is a unique habit that is very rare these days but you have to develop this if you want to be successful in this life and the life hereafter. Because the creation of human being reflects that he is different from other creatures with his mindset. Because of this mindset, he helps the deserving people that animals cannot.