Daughters are Special

Daughters are a special gift from God to the people. But sadly many people are unaware of this thing and they constantly try to degrade their roles in the society they are living.
Daughters are the sparkle in a house and they keep sparkling the house with their existence. That’s why daughters need some extra care in this regard.

UN Report for Role of Daughters

This report is really responding to the various commitments that have been made over time within the UN and by all its member countries to address and eradicate gender inequalities. What this report provides is the rationale for why these commitments should be taken seriously and the losses to both individuals and societies of not taking these commitments seriously.

The rationale is lie in the evidence that has been compiled very carefully over several decades of research they tell us that when we equalize when we promote daughter’s access to economic and financial resources. These are much more likely to be invested in the welfare of the next generation and the education of the next generation. We know that when daughters have access to resources they are much more likely to be productive. They are like they’re the livelihood activities in which they engage are likely to yield higher returns. We know also there are strong microeconomics efficiency arguments that agricultural growth is likely to respond better when daughter have some say and access to resources about their farms and their firms.

Role of Daughter in the Society

Steps required to enhance Daughter’s role in the Society

Some steps are inevitable to enhance the role of daughters in society.

  • There is a macroeconomic efficiency argument as well and that is cross country studies over time all show the gender equality contributes to economic growth equality in education and equality in labour force participation. But there are reasons for concern and that is economic growth does not seem to have quite the same positive impacts on gender equality.
  • We do not find quite the same positive story that countries that have higher rates of growth also report progress on daughter’s well-being their health and their voice in economic and political decision-making. In fact, we know that maternal mortality has remained one of the most intransigent of the MDGs to report progress on. So we think we need to look beyond some of the real gains that daughter has made in the labour market and in education.
  • We want to develop arguments that will promote daughter’s access to resources they are able to negotiate fairer relationships and so that they can participate in decision-making. So just to capture very briefly what the report covers we have looked at all the different areas in which this question of access to resources is important.
  • We have looked at labour markets employment and asked what should be done to promote daughter’s progress in the labour market, not just for daughter but also educated and better of a daughter. These inequalities are not peculiar to poorer countries. We see them in the north as well we’ve asked for the kinds of training that we need and we’ve asked for attention to daughter’s unpaid care responsibilities. Because that to some extent lies at the heart of the asymmetrical way in which macroeconomic policies are developed.


Since they only recognize daughter’s paid work, we’ve also looked at the whole area of Natural Resources including land including water technology and housing and so on. All the different forms of property private public and common property that would enable daughter to be far more productive in their daily livelihood activities. We unpacked the different elements of the floor and asked how can these different elements be made more gender sensitive so that really is and as Carolyn said, “What we try to do is show that single interventions on their own don’t go very far.”
What we need is a comprehensive package that looks at the connections between paid and unpaid work production and reproduction formal and informal and northern south.