Why Charity is useful in any Society

In other words, they dedicate their lives to help others. They don’t feel shy in this and they live like a candle that gives shine to the nearby people. We will just talk about philanthropy and we’re curious if you could talk about how you see a role is changing in the giving space particularly given the fractured world we live in. It’s not about helping others, it’s about helping yourself.

We think spending time with poor people and helping them by charity is matchless. You cannot change the world but if you have a philanthropy heart you can do a lot of things. So we find this but unfortunately, a lot of people have a business heart here making money but do things like social work. What we should do is to have a big heart and we hate a lot of people do the opposite they want to make money but they talk like a nerd and they don’t even bother to take some steps for the deserving people.

Some People who Devoted Their Lives for others

The list is big of the people who devoted themselves to others.

  • Recently World’s richest man Bill Gates decided to give his 99% shares to all charity organizations. That is not because he is wealthy but he has a big heart, having pain for others. He was happy to give something to deserving people that can’t even live without any support.
  • Mark Zuckerberg also decided to dedicate his 90% Facebook shares to several NGO’S. He also did the same like Bill Gates because both of these had a different vision than a normal one. They don’t want to be richer but instead want to do something that is good for society.
  • Several years ago there’s a big earthquake in China and there’s a big earthquake in Japan. So Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba Company donated twenty thousand dollars to Japan and fifteen dollars to China and people say why he donated that little. Because we all know he had a lot of money and the point is no matter how much money you donate in two minutes, 20 minutes that money compared to that it’s tiny.
    You cannot change a lot of things to donate. You have to change yourself. The next thing that is philanthropy is about action. It’s about involvement, it’s not about giving money. It’s about a wakeup of people’s consciousness.

People who devoted themselves for others.


So we think, we grow up and our globalization is growing up in this place. When Jack Ma was nominated as a young global leader he had no idea what is a Global leader and what it is about. But he came here, he learned and listened about these Capri dissipated global citizenship and mobilization.

People who devoted themselves for others.


If you want your team to continue to work with you or your life, you have to plant the seed of care. The world cares about others. The first day we don’t like a lot of companies make a lot of money because making pollution and counterfeit products. But some people devoted themselves to others just to dedicate their life for others and become an example that every person needs to follow.


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