Nature Of Spirituality

It is just human nature to be spiritual. At least that is what I used to think. Now I’m not so sure. I say this because of so many years of expecting certain people to have more of a spiritual inclination, yet they remain bound by the mud of the earth.

No matter if you are in the West Central Province or West Central Los Angeles, human nature requires a spiritual life. People may ignore this aspect of their being, but that is just being short-sighted and limiting.

Spirit, soul and body

Man is made of spirit, soul and body. When these are out of balance bad things begin to happen. Illness can be the result of a life lived out of balance, for example. Considering the amount of stress some people live under on a daily basis it is no wonder depression, ulcers, insomnia and other stress induced diseases are endemic.

The ancients understood this quite well and wrote extensively about the pitfalls of wrong living. Look at the Book of Proverbs or Aesop’s Fables for two examples. Solomon exhorts us repeatedly not to worry about money, fame and fortune, yet this is precisely what many people do on a daily basis.

Spirituality is not “the book”

I once read a quote from a prominent evangelist that said something to the effect that “Americans are mixed up because they think that the book, The Bible, is the Word of God. It is not the book, it is the Word of God that is the Word of God.”

This rather surprised me, coming from an evangelist. The more I thought about it, the more sense it made and this is the cause for a great deal of misunderstanding and what angers non-believers. It is not so much what is said as what is meant by the passages.

This is readily apparent in everyday life, but somehow we separate everyday life from Scriptures and make them into some kind of idols that must be literally worshipped. All this sounds rather blasphemous to a fundamentalist Christian, yet it is true



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