Poverty is the most Pathetic thing on the Earth

One of the world’s most bitter facts about extreme poverty and collaborative action. You have to learn the facts first.  Health problems are major impediments to development. Every year millions of babies die because of malnutrition and many mothers die also because of unhygienic conditions in the hospitals and stunted growth. That is a very serious issue because most of the people on this planet are not getting proper food that is mandatory for them. Roughly ten dollars buys a mosquito net that protects a sleeping site for five years while 35 dollars supports a midwife for a week in sub-Saharan Africa, allowing women to receive vital medical care.

Poverty is a very big problem in many countries. This is so because the rich are becoming rich and poor is becoming poorer. In order to eradicate this problem, all countries have to come together to focus on this serious issue. Every country has to make policies to collect money as a charity from people to save an amount of money and then dedicate to any NGO that helps the poor and needy people. That’s why most of the richest people in the world are dedicating their whole wealth to charity because they also understand the hardships of the poor.
All these people that are running a charity or helping the poor in any case are very close to their God. God love those people that love his creation in any aspect.

Challenges to Reduce Poverty

Many challenges are there to reduce Poverty because it is a massive issue and found all over the world. Most of the well-developed countries also have poverty issues and they still can’t be able to manage that. This goal of just twenty dollars can plant ten seedlings in a community, while thirty dollars can help to purchase fertilizer for smallholder farming education and gender equality are critical to ending poverty. But over 100 million children lack a primary school education and three-quarters of the world’s eight hundred million illiterate adults are women.
Information and communication technologies also foster development get involved and help improve the life of a family as little as twenty dollars can purchase an energy-efficient cook stove. $40 can provide a lantern for a home that does not have electrical lighting.
Bible also has words about feeding the hungry and helping the poor.How to change the life of poor to seek attention from God


Finally, if you want to seek attention from your creator, you have to help the poor and needy people. Without helping and caring them your existence is meaningless and the creation of man is made for helping the needy and helpless people. Even Prophets and Saints used to help the needy and the poor because God loves that deed a lot. These helping deeds make them happy and there are many ways that can bring smile on the faces of those people.

Like we can wish them a gift on their beautiful happy birthday, making someone’s birthday beautiful with your little help and wishing beautiful words can’t take your much time but can bring a lot of happiness on their faces. If you find someone hungry feed him if he is thirsty give him something to drink for by so doing you will heap burning coals on his head and there are other verses for instance. There is also a great deal of call-to-action in the Bible we are we are to take action and show our faith through deeds not simply through words and prayer.

How to change the life of poor to seek attention from God

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