Shock your Muslim friends with Beautiful Ramadan Wishes this Year

“May the most merciful and gracious bless you with happiest and blessed Ramadan”

Starting off with this beautiful Ramadan wish, here we bring some unusual and exclusive wishes for Ramadan. No doubt Ramadan is the month of blessings, peace, equality and love. Fasting during Ramadan is one among the five-strong pillars of Islam and Muslim’s faith/emaan. Ramadan provides an opportunity to cleanse one’s heart, mind, body and soul from the debris or containment of the evil.

You can see and feel the blessings and grace of Ramadan in Muslim countries where Muslims not just offered additional prayers while fasting but also give charity to those who need it. You cannot describe the beauty of Ramadan in words its indeed a warm feeling of closeness to Almighty and its creatures.

Wishes for Ramadan

It will be utter nonsense when you find this holiest and beautiful month and do not greet your loved ones with so many warm wishes and sweet prayers. This is the tradition followed in all around the world; people greet one another happy Ramadan with joy, delight and happiness.

If you are one seeking sweet and lovely Ramadan wishes then you are at right place. Below you will find various lovely Ramadan Kareem greetings. This year you can now have lots of exclusive and beautiful wishes and messages to greet others as a mark of glorious Ramadan ahead

Wishes for Ramadan Kareem 2019

Here is the another list of Ramadan wishes which may feel you better during Ramadan.

“Here comes the blissful month in which Quran revealed, so seek forgiveness and prosperity to Almighty Allah with heart full faith”

“I wish all divine blessings of the only creator be upon you and your family”

“May my Ar-Rahman be with you throughout and I wish you celebrate all the happiness of life with your kids and family”

“I wish you have a divine light of soul power and light to differ evil and righteous, InshaALLAH”

“May my beloved Almighty give you inner strength and will to fast purely in this Ramadan, Happy Ramadan Kareem”

“Wish you a blissful, joyful and full of faith Ramadan and I pray to Allah you get stronger emaan which is needed to enter in paradise”

“Have a peaceful Ramadan and May Allah guide you follow and fulfil all religious commitments, Happy Ramadan my friend”

“With the highest grace of Almighty we again got Ramadan, I pray to Almighty make us among those who are best in Taqwa, Ramadan Mubarak”

“Another Ramadan means another chance to seek the will of Allah Almighty also ask forgiveness and mercy from the most merciful, Happy Ramadan Kareem”

Ramadan Mubarak Wishes

Happy Ramadan Wishes

“May Allah grant you all the reward and spirituality of Ramadan and help us all to stay away from evil deeds”

“Ramadan is not just about to refrain yourself from food but its actual meaning lies in refraining yourself from wrong deeds, stay blessed this Ramadan”

“May this Ramadan you will get your soul purified and cleanse like a newborn and Almighty accepts your apology, InshaAllah”

“I pray to God, He helps us with pure Emaan and intentions to be on the path of right, Happy Ramadan to you all”

“Celebrations has started, lightings all over it shows the holy month is rights here, let’s welcome this blessed month with love and peace”

“Allah has again blessed us all with the gracious Ramadan, let’s make every possible effort to agree our only creator”

“Ramadan is on doorstep, Almighty is waiting to grant us forgiveness and free us from hellfire, Ramadan Kareem”

Ramadan Mubarak Wishes

The Ramadan Kareem Wishes

“We all have been given another opportunity to repent from evil or sins we did, let’s not overlook this chance and grab with both hands, Happy Ramadan Kareem”

“I pray to Allah, give us strength not to just recite Quran but understand what our creator wants to tell us, let’s make us habitual of good deeds starting from this Ramadan”

“May you find inner peace, happiness and purification of soul this Ramadan and Allah grant you strength to distant yourself from sinful behaviour, Happy Ramadan”

“May Allah’s mercy, harmony and grace be upon you and your home and Allah bless you with His kind treasures”

“The month of mercy, blessings and gracious has just started, I pray to my Allah you will have 30 days of worship, 4 weeks of mercy, 720 hours of purified spirituality reflection and hundreds of minutes full with joy and happiness”

Poverty is the most Pathetic thing on the Earth

One of the world’s most bitter facts about extreme poverty and collaborative action. You have to learn the facts first.  Health problems are major impediments to development. Every year millions of babies die because of malnutrition and many mothers die also because of unhygienic conditions in the hospitals and stunted growth. That is a very serious issue because most of the people on this planet are not getting proper food that is mandatory for them. Roughly ten dollars buys a mosquito net that protects a sleeping site for five years while 35 dollars supports a midwife for a week in sub-Saharan Africa, allowing women to receive vital medical care.

Poverty is a very big problem in many countries. This is so because the rich are becoming rich and poor is becoming poorer. In order to eradicate this problem, all countries have to come together to focus on this serious issue. Every country has to make policies to collect money as a charity from people to save an amount of money and then dedicate to any NGO that helps the poor and needy people. That’s why most of the richest people in the world are dedicating their whole wealth to charity because they also understand the hardships of the poor.
All these people that are running a charity or helping the poor in any case are very close to their God. God love those people that love his creation in any aspect.

Challenges to Reduce Poverty

Many challenges are there to reduce Poverty because it is a massive issue and found all over the world. Most of the well-developed countries also have poverty issues and they still can’t be able to manage that. This goal of just twenty dollars can plant ten seedlings in a community, while thirty dollars can help to purchase fertilizer for smallholder farming education and gender equality are critical to ending poverty. But over 100 million children lack a primary school education and three-quarters of the world’s eight hundred million illiterate adults are women.
Information and communication technologies also foster development get involved and help improve the life of a family as little as twenty dollars can purchase an energy-efficient cook stove. $40 can provide a lantern for a home that does not have electrical lighting.
Bible also has words about feeding the hungry and helping the poor.How to change the life of poor to seek attention from God


Finally, if you want to seek attention from your creator, you have to help the poor and needy people. Without helping and caring them your existence is meaningless and the creation of man is made for helping the needy and helpless people. Even Prophets and Saints used to help the needy and the poor because God loves that deed a lot. These helping deeds make them happy and there are many ways that can bring smile on the faces of those people.

Like we can wish them a gift on their beautiful happy birthday, making someone’s birthday beautiful with your little help and wishing beautiful words can’t take your much time but can bring a lot of happiness on their faces. If you find someone hungry feed him if he is thirsty give him something to drink for by so doing you will heap burning coals on his head and there are other verses for instance. There is also a great deal of call-to-action in the Bible we are we are to take action and show our faith through deeds not simply through words and prayer.

How to change the life of poor to seek attention from God

Why Charity is useful in any Society

In other words, they dedicate their lives to help others. They don’t feel shy in this and they live like a candle that gives shine to the nearby people. We will just talk about philanthropy and we’re curious if you could talk about how you see a role is changing in the giving space particularly given the fractured world we live in. It’s not about helping others, it’s about helping yourself.

We think spending time with poor people and helping them by charity is matchless. You cannot change the world but if you have a philanthropy heart you can do a lot of things. So we find this but unfortunately, a lot of people have a business heart here making money but do things like social work. What we should do is to have a big heart and we hate a lot of people do the opposite they want to make money but they talk like a nerd and they don’t even bother to take some steps for the deserving people.

Some People who Devoted Their Lives for others

The list is big of the people who devoted themselves to others.

  • Recently World’s richest man Bill Gates decided to give his 99% shares to all charity organizations. That is not because he is wealthy but he has a big heart, having pain for others. He was happy to give something to deserving people that can’t even live without any support.
  • Mark Zuckerberg also decided to dedicate his 90% Facebook shares to several NGO’S. He also did the same like Bill Gates because both of these had a different vision than a normal one. They don’t want to be richer but instead want to do something that is good for society.
  • Several years ago there’s a big earthquake in China and there’s a big earthquake in Japan. So Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba Company donated twenty thousand dollars to Japan and fifteen dollars to China and people say why he donated that little. Because we all know he had a lot of money and the point is no matter how much money you donate in two minutes, 20 minutes that money compared to that it’s tiny.
    You cannot change a lot of things to donate. You have to change yourself. The next thing that is philanthropy is about action. It’s about involvement, it’s not about giving money. It’s about a wakeup of people’s consciousness.

People who devoted themselves for others.


So we think, we grow up and our globalization is growing up in this place. When Jack Ma was nominated as a young global leader he had no idea what is a Global leader and what it is about. But he came here, he learned and listened about these Capri dissipated global citizenship and mobilization.

People who devoted themselves for others.


If you want your team to continue to work with you or your life, you have to plant the seed of care. The world cares about others. The first day we don’t like a lot of companies make a lot of money because making pollution and counterfeit products. But some people devoted themselves to others just to dedicate their life for others and become an example that every person needs to follow.


Happiness is the actual purpose of your Life

By helping others you can also help ourselves. It is damn true that helping others is a source of inner satisfaction. If you feel that you have different difficulties problems and challenges. If you suffer if you feel stressed and worried. If you don’t know what you want to do in your life or you don’t know the purpose and start volunteering and helping others.

Then you find different organizations like animal shelters, homeless shelters, orphanages, elderly homes where you find lonely set people around you. For these people, you can give your time, your care, your love and start helping them in all the possible ways. You don’t need to do much to make somebody happy. You just sometimes can get the smile.
You can give them your time, you can give your best what you can at that moment because when you give your love and care then you start getting that in real happiness. Because it becomes like the exchange cycle of love. You give someone to love and care and you get it back and when you try to help somebody else to solve their problems then life helps you to solve your problems. You start getting less of those problems because when you sincerely tried to help somebody else, you start improving. Your value starts growing and your character starts changing. You become less self-centred and become lovely, kind, caring and compassionate. You become more pure and kind inside and your life starts changing because you start making different actions and you get different reactions.

Helping others is a source of satisfaction

Live like a Guiding Star

When you help others, you start realizing that so many people are suffering in this life and your problems, they become smaller. You see them in a different perspective, you see the more objective picture and you just simply understand that the problems in life are coming and they’re going and you start appreciating more. Why you have become ungrateful because you understand that so many people in this life has so much less and when you appreciate what you have it’s not growing and when you give that love and you give that care to others who are in need you feel that real inner happiness. Because you feel more valuable and you feel useful and that is what needed in this life.

So you start discovering your abilities, your skills just. You have to understand what you want in this life, you want to help to do something in this life and to make an impact in this life. When you help others, you become that impact in this life. You feel awesome and feel that you’re doing something meaningful in this life for others and for yourself. A better example of devoting their lives for others are the daughters in our society who are serving the community in the form of mothers, wives, sisters, nurses and in many other forms.

Helping others is a source of satisfaction


Really, helping others is a source of inner satisfaction. So we wish you find the ways how to help others because there’s always the possibility you can always feel who needs you. You can always find the ways how to surprise someone, how to make someone happy, how to talk to the son, who is slowly and feeling bored. You have to give your time and care and when you encourage yourself to help somebody to make that step, you will get all the help that you need as well as the energy that will keep you sparkling. So we wish you to be happy and share that happiness that loves with others.

Daughters are Special

Daughters are a special gift from God to the people. But sadly many people are unaware of this thing and they constantly try to degrade their roles in the society they are living.
Daughters are the sparkle in a house and they keep sparkling the house with their existence. That’s why daughters need some extra care in this regard.

UN Report for Role of Daughters

This report is really responding to the various commitments that have been made over time within the UN and by all its member countries to address and eradicate gender inequalities. What this report provides is the rationale for why these commitments should be taken seriously and the losses to both individuals and societies of not taking these commitments seriously.

The rationale is lie in the evidence that has been compiled very carefully over several decades of research they tell us that when we equalize when we promote daughter’s access to economic and financial resources. These are much more likely to be invested in the welfare of the next generation and the education of the next generation. We know that when daughters have access to resources they are much more likely to be productive. They are like they’re the livelihood activities in which they engage are likely to yield higher returns. We know also there are strong microeconomics efficiency arguments that agricultural growth is likely to respond better when daughter have some say and access to resources about their farms and their firms.

Role of Daughter in the Society

Steps required to enhance Daughter’s role in the Society

Some steps are inevitable to enhance the role of daughters in society.

  • There is a macroeconomic efficiency argument as well and that is cross country studies over time all show the gender equality contributes to economic growth equality in education and equality in labour force participation. But there are reasons for concern and that is economic growth does not seem to have quite the same positive impacts on gender equality.
  • We do not find quite the same positive story that countries that have higher rates of growth also report progress on daughter’s well-being their health and their voice in economic and political decision-making. In fact, we know that maternal mortality has remained one of the most intransigent of the MDGs to report progress on. So we think we need to look beyond some of the real gains that daughter has made in the labour market and in education.
  • We want to develop arguments that will promote daughter’s access to resources they are able to negotiate fairer relationships and so that they can participate in decision-making. So just to capture very briefly what the report covers we have looked at all the different areas in which this question of access to resources is important.
  • We have looked at labour markets employment and asked what should be done to promote daughter’s progress in the labour market, not just for daughter but also educated and better of a daughter. These inequalities are not peculiar to poorer countries. We see them in the north as well we’ve asked for the kinds of training that we need and we’ve asked for attention to daughter’s unpaid care responsibilities. Because that to some extent lies at the heart of the asymmetrical way in which macroeconomic policies are developed.


Since they only recognize daughter’s paid work, we’ve also looked at the whole area of Natural Resources including land including water technology and housing and so on. All the different forms of property private public and common property that would enable daughter to be far more productive in their daily livelihood activities. We unpacked the different elements of the floor and asked how can these different elements be made more gender sensitive so that really is and as Carolyn said, “What we try to do is show that single interventions on their own don’t go very far.”
What we need is a comprehensive package that looks at the connections between paid and unpaid work production and reproduction formal and informal and northern south.


Helping others is a key to your Success

Success is not only when you are satisfied with your life. It’s also not a real one when you have a fantastic career or when you have a big empire. Happiness is very important too and that feeling comes from inside when you are satisfied with yourself.
Helping others in society will develop inner happiness in yourself and then God will help you and he will give you more than you have before.
We’re fairly certain you’ve accomplished nothing in your life and we only say that Elon Musk’s life and it talked about the inventor of the Tesla car and SpaceX and he’s also involved in the Hyperloop. When we see how busy he is, we realize we don’t do anything and when we see what he’s accomplished.

There’s probably nothing that you could do that could influence the world as great people did and to be honest you’re a little jealous because you never dreamed as a kind of just being kind of average. You dreamed of changing the world, you wanted to be a real astronaut, a real NBA player. But that window starts to close and you know that this is not something. You’re going to do and you know what you don’t know if the world would ever notice. You don’t think the world stops to notice anyway. But these kinds of things changes our perspective. When you’re telling yourself this story that you’re never going to accomplish anything. That leads into a path of saying I’m not going to try anything and no one cares about what I do that it’s something different.

Help others in Society, God will help you.


Purpose of your Life

Every person has a purpose in his life and when someone is unaware of his life purpose he could not be successful in any area of his life. That’s why the people that we know are most generous. They are not generous because they have money but because they have a good heart.
God put you together very uniquely so that you can have an influence not necessarily in the whole world. But at least on one person, mother Teresa says it this way. “If you can’t feed a hundred people just feed one.”

No one is more uniquely positioned to love your spouse than you. No one is more uniquely positioned to love your kids than you. No one is more uniquely positioned to love your neighbour or your parents or your co-workers than you. You could probably do something significant and the world may notice but we don’t think they’re going to stop to notice. But to reach into one life to reach into one life and tell them the story not a story of despair and frustration and anger and unacceptance. Instead, we have a story of Jesus who came and brought forgiveness. We have a story of Jesus who brings acceptance and we have a story of Jesus that says you have value in yourself. You tell that story and that’s a story that changes a life that sticks with someone and they’ll never ever forget.


All in all, we can say that helping others is a unique habit that is very rare these days but you have to develop this if you want to be successful in this life and the life hereafter. Because the creation of human being reflects that he is different from other creatures with his mindset. Because of this mindset, he helps the deserving people that animals cannot.